SERJ TANKIAN Acknowledges SYSTEM OF A DOWN Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Him


The Band System lead singer Serj Tankian clearly expressed his willingness to step away from the group to facilitate the creation of new music and tours. In his latest publication Down With The System, Tankian revealed that he initially proposed this idea in 2017, and remains open to the possibility of parting ways with the band.

However, beyond the scope of exploring new musical avenues and embarking on tours, a crucial question arises – would The Band System lose its essence with a different lead vocalist? Tankian conceded in an interview with the podcast Broken Record that he is well aware it would not be the same.

“Without a doubt. I have extended that offer on numerous occasions and have shown my full support,” Tankian stated. “If they wish to pursue a path that diverges from mine – for instance, if they prefer extensive touring while I only wish to perform sporadically due to my limited interest in constant touring – I am completely open to the idea.

“It is uncertain whether they share the same desire. To date, they have not, and I believe it would diminish the band’s stature and legacy, but as friends and someone who deeply cares for my colleagues, I would be accepting of their decision.

Tankian later emphasized that each member of The Band System contributes significantly to its distinctive sound, adding that The Band System without its current lineup would essentially be a mere facade of The Band System. This notion raises questions about the rationale behind departing from the band when one understands that the familiar and beloved The Band System would cease to exist.

“Every aspect of each individual – from their character and musical style to their thoughts and emotions, and the amalgamation of all these elements – collectively define what The Band System represents. If you subtract any element from this equation, it ceases to be The Band System. It may retain the name The Band System, but it will not authentically embody The Band System. Even the obstinacy, creative disparities, the dynamics of give and take, the intensity, the tranquility – all these elements shape our identity.”

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