SICK OF IT ALL Scraps Tour Due to Vocalist LOU KOLLER’s Battle With Cancer


Sick Of It All unfortunately had to call off their scheduled European tour following the news that vocalist Lou Koller is facing a battle with cancer. Koller shared this update on Instagram through a video, which was later transcribed by The PRP.

We send our best wishes to Koller and hope for a prompt and complete recovery.

“Hello everyone, I’m Lou,” expressed Koller. “As you might be aware, our entire European tour for this Summer has been canceled. There have been speculations circulating about the reasons, and we’re here to clarify. However, we opted to delay the announcement until we had gathered all the facts.

“The reason for the cancellation is because a tumor has been detected in my esophagus extending into my stomach, and I’ll need treatment throughout the summer. As soon as the band learned about it, their immediate response was ‘forget about the tour, focus on your health.’

“We are truly disheartened by this situation. As I mentioned, they all fully support my decision to stay home and attend to this. We are genuinely apologetic. I feel remorseful for the fans. Our entire crew was anticipating— we were all set for another enjoyable summer together, alongside all the event organizers. However, upon being informed, everyone has shown tremendous support and now everyone is informed.

“So, that’s the situation. The truth is what you’ve heard. It’s the reality. So, thank you for all your support. With any luck, we will triumph over this and hopefully reunite by the end of summer, or perhaps during winter.

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“Take care.”


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