TESTAMENT Aiming to Record Their Latest Album Prior to July Tour


Testament is actively endeavoring to complete their next album following their 2020 release Titans Of Creation.

As per Testament frontman, Chuck Billy, during an interview with Rockin’ Metal Revival, the upcoming album will highlight the exceptional drumming skills and songwriting of new drummer Chris Dovas. Dovas took over from Dave Lombardo in 2023.

It is important to mention that this interview was conducted prior to Testament performing at the Milwaukee Metalfest in May.

“We’re keeping potential titles under wraps as they tend to change frequently until the last moment. However, I must mention that Chris Dovas has injected fresh energy into our music production and songwriting process, particularly igniting Eric Peterson.” remarked Billy.

“Navigating creativity at this stage in our career is challenging, but I believe Chris has driven Eric to surpass his own boundaries. The forthcoming record features a blend of modern and classic elements, a mix of everything. Chris is definitely a game-changer for this album.”

Later on, Billy mentioned that most of the drum recordings for the new Testament album have been completed, including some surprise cover tracks.

“One significant change is that we no longer collaborate in a studio setting like before due to our geographical separation. We now rely on online platforms for songwriting. Eric and Chris visit my place intermittently to finalize the music and songs.”

“They’ve been in the studio for approximately three weeks now, wrapping up most of the drum recordings and a couple of covers. We are still working on finalizing the last four songs. Upon our return from the Milwaukee Metalfest, we have around six weeks to complete the rest of the album before embarking on the European tour in July.”

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Testament‘s upcoming tour dates are as follows. You can find tickets here.

Additional Tour Dates:
7/15 SE Malmö, Slagthuset (w/ Behemoth)
7/16 SE Uppsala, Parksnäckan (w/ Behemoth)


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