The BEST Albums of All Time (According to AOTY)


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Reacting to the Top 100 Albums of ALL TIME, in accordance with the group over at Album of the Year. This was the listing as of February 2022, and is after all topic to modifications sooner or later as extra folks vote.
►Best Albums According to RYM:
►Best Albums According to Metacritic:
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  1. A lot of the Brazilian albums that came up on this list are phenomenal. The must-listen for me is Construção by Chico Buarque. I’m surprised most music nerds don’t know about it, it’s one of my favorites!

  2. At the time of this comment, this video is four months old, yet when I check the AOTY Best Albums of All Time list today it is COMPLETELY different. NONE of the top six albums in this video are in the Top 100 list AT ALL, with number 7 (Wish You Were Here) being the highest-ranking one to still be on the list 4 months later having dropped all the way to #53. And yes, that means Radiohead has gone from dominating the top 5 to being completely absent from the top 100 in just 4 months. In fact in my present, the AOTY Best Albums of All Time Top 100 seems to look a lot more like Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 100 albums of all time, with many more & higher showings by the hoary old 60's & 70's "Classic Rock" staples that RS is so well known for (Although even they manage to squeeze a Radiohead album in there somewhere). This just begs the question: is a list that's so volatile & inconsistent of any real value?

    EDIT: I just found this site's recap of Rate Your Music's Top 100 list from 2 years ago and compared it to it's list today, and by sharp contrast their list is WAY more stable, with all of the Top Five entries from two years ago still falling within the current rankings' Top Ten. This much more gradual evolution over time is way more in line with what I would expect.

  3. I must be pretty damn basic in my tastes expecting to see stuff like Michael Jackson’s Thriller or anything at all from him, Metallica’s Master Of Puppets, N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton, Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly soundtrack or Tool’s Lateralus or Aenema. But I’m in my mid 30s so I’m probably older than the majority of the reviewers that made this list and it does favor a lot of critical darlings.

    It’s been cool to see over the past couple decades the elevation of Pink Floyd albums like Animals and Wish You Were Here getting the same praise as Dark Side or The Wall which used to be the standard answer to what’s the best Floyd album? Animals is my favorite for the record.


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