THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Unveils New Track “Aftermath” Alongside Forthcoming Record Servitude Set for Release in September


The Black Dahlia Murder makes a return with their latest music since the unfortunate loss of lead singer Trevor Strnad, presenting “Aftermath”. The track is included in The Black Dahlia Murder‘s upcoming album Servitude scheduled for September 27.

The new music showcases Brian Eschbach transitioning from guitar to delivering powerful vocals, and marks the band’s reintroduction of guitarist Ryan Knight since Abysmal in 2015. Concerning the single itself, it’s undeniably impressive – The Black Dahlia Murder not only honors Trevor‘s memory but also serves up some intense death metal vibes.

“All current band members were carefully selected by Trevor and me,” expressed Eschbach. “After spending countless hours on tour together, everyone comprehends our shared mission. No words are needed; we just focus on crafting exceptional music and strive to bring joy to our listeners.”

When discussing the shift from guitar to vocals and the track “Aftermath”, Eschbach shared: “I threw myself into it wholeheartedly. Honestly, crafting lyrics for this album proved to be easier for me than composing the music for the three tracks I worked on. I’d select a topic, delve into research, and immerse myself in it. While it was an uncharted territory for me, once I began, everything flowed naturally.

“We decided to release [‘Aftermath’] first because it’s one of the faster-paced songs on the album, if not the fastest. Our aim was to deliver that fiercely aggressive Black Dahlia melodic death metal essence head-on. Thematically, it delves into a scenario where a meteor wreaks havoc on Earth but humanity persists. Think The Walking Dead, minus the zombies, focusing directly on how people cope with the aftermath. By the conclusion, they’re driven to cannibalism.”

The guitars, bass, and vocals for Servitude were recorded at guitarist Brandon Ellis‘ residence in New Jersey. Drum recordings were overseen by Mark Lewis in Nashville, where Ellis and Lewis also oversaw the mixing process. The mastering of Servitude was handled by Ted Jensen.

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“As we carry on Trevor‘s legacy, Servitude undoubtedly signals the dawn of a new era for The Black Dahlia Murder,” commented Ellis. “With Brian now leading the charge, his flair as an inspired lyricist and vocalist shines brightly as he comprehends the music’s requirements. The return of Ryan Knight to the fold establishes a third familiar guitarist in the songwriting team, introducing a dual lead guitar element that was previously absent. This expands our creative horizons, closing some doors while opening new ones.”

Pre-orders can be made here.


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