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Alestorm – Voyage Of The Dead Marauder

The Weekly Injection: Latest Releases From ALESTORM, LEAVES' EYES & More Available Today 3/22

Genre: Folk/power metal
Origin: Perth, Scotland
Label: Napalm

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The formidable pirate metal ensemble has returned with a five-song EP that will surely captivate you. This offering features their characteristic grand power metal sound, some synth-infused rock tunes, and more. The lead single features guest Patty Gurdy showcasing my favorite unconventional metal instrument; the hurdy-gurdy. Absolutely fantastic.

Apparition – Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State

The Weekly Injection: Latest Releases From ALESTORM, LEAVES' EYES & More Available Today 3/22

Genre: Death metal/doom
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Profound Lore

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If you prefer your death metal with some deep and sluggish moments, then this album is perfect for you this week. Apparition masterfully blend death metal ferocity with doom atmosphere into a cohesive entity. At times, it features a remarkably sharp snare drum sound, adding a touch of classic vibe to it.

Brodequin – Harbinger Of Woe

The Weekly Injection: Latest Releases From ALESTORM, LEAVES' EYES & More Available Today 3/22

Genre: Brutal death metal
Origin: Knoxville, Tennessee
Label: Season Of Mist

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This one is an absolute heavyweight. Musically, it exudes a massive amount of energy while the vocals are delivered in a deep, low mix that is commonly associated with slower, more ethereal death metal. It creates an intriguing juxtaposition.

Hideous Divinity – Unextinct

Music Style: Complex death metal
Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy
Record Label: Century Media

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Similar to its predecessor, this album exudes a high level of vitality. It incorporates intervals of melodic interludes coupled with intricate passages throughout its entirety. Although a distinct breed within the death metal genre, they could complement Brodequin.

Leaves’ Eyes – Myths Of Fate

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From ALESTORM, LEAVES' EYES & More Out Today 3/22

Music Style: Symphonic/power metal
Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany/Stavanger, Norway
Record Label: AFM

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In their ninth album, Leaves’ Eyes once again transport their audience into fantastical realms. From a brief scan of the lyrics and song titles, one can expect narratives involving swords, dwarves, the Norse sea god, Einherjar, who are valiant warriors brought to Valhalla by valkyries after falling in battle (thank you, Google), and more. A hybrid of history and fantasy, delivering an altogether epic experience.

Sylvaine – Eg Er Framand

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From ALESTORM, LEAVES' EYES & More Out Today 3/22

Music Style: Folk
Location: Oslo, Norway
Record Label: Season Of Mist

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To close this week, we have an artist embarking on a somewhat…anticipated path. For well over ten years, Sylvaine has delved into creating an ethereal concoction of atmospheric, blackened, shoegaze, folk metal amalgamations. However, in this EP, she has shed most of that, retaining only the essence of folk and ambiance. The result is a captivating journey sure to delight denizens of the woodland.

Also releasing this week…

  • Aberration Refracture (Sentient Ruin) – Black/death metal
  • Altar of BetelgeuzeEchoes (Wiseblood Records) – Doom
  • Atrexial The Serpent Abomination (Non Serviam Records) – Black/death metal
  • Avralize – Freaks (Arising Empire) – Metalcore
  • Civerous – Maze Envy (20 Buck Spin) – Black/death metal
  • Critical DefianceThe Search Won’t Fall… (Unspeakable Axe Records/Dying Victims Productions) – Thrash
  • Cruzh – The Jungle Revolution (Frontiers) – Heavy metal/glam
  • Deaf Club feat. The HIRS Collective & Fuck Money – Split (Three One G) – Hardcore/noise
  • Deception Daenacteh (Mighty Music) – Melodic death metal
    • Demise Of TranquilityWiden The Gates, O Inferno (Lifeforce) – Melodic/darkened death metal
    • Secure VisionOurs To Retain (Rest Assured Records) – Hardcore/punk
    • Rupture NexusDeed Of Spite (Self-released) – Speed metal
    • Rage GallicoComing Days (Scarlet Records) – Folk metal
    • Specter ChildEnd Of The Showbiz (Century Media) – Contemporary metal/metalcore
    • RestlessnessGod’s Hand Is Strong (Metal Blade) – Heavy/death metal
    • Anvil RulerKing and Emperor (Napalm) – Intense/power metal
    • Pixel PioneerNo Coming Back (Blues Funeral Recordings) – Stoner/death
    • ShoutRebirth (Scarlet Records) – Solid rock
    • Internal BlizzardPursuer Below (Self-released) – Hardcore metal
    • Code ChurchIn The Name Of The Code (Metal Blade) – Pixelated metal?
    • ColdYou Condemned To Death (Soulseller) – Dark metal
    • BulldogEdge of the Precipice (MNRK Heavy) – Mud/hardcore
    • Lunar EmbodimentChants To The Moon (Iron Bonehead) – Mysterious death metal
    • Slush actFate (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Mud slinging
    • EveryviewA Chronicle Of Flames (Self-released) – Intricate/progressive death metal
    • PrimordialImpact (Argonauta Records) – “post-essence”
    • EverlastingComeback (Seek & Strike) – Syncopated metal
    • Rickshaw Billie’s Burger PatrolEnormous Foolish Rhythms (Permanent Teeth) – Avant-garde metal
    • Hair Removal The LycanthropeDivine Speaker (Self-released) – Hardcore/disturbance
    • SniffSet Off On The Coaster (Sbam) – Trendy punk
    • Audial Wolves3 (Argonauta Records) – Stoner/dark rock
    • VacantOnly Get This (Revelation Records) – Resolute punk
    • Claim & ClaimDisenchantment (Self-released) – Melodic death metal
    • ThorThe Journey Of The Iron Horse (Cleopatra) – Intense metal
    • ThornbridgeFancy Illusion (Massacre) – Dynamic metal
    • UnshineSacrifice Of Flames (Rockshots Records) – Harmonic metal
    • VelcrosBizarre Reports From The Treasury (Crazysane) – Punk/independent
    • Explorer-XWizardry (Dr. Music Records) – Advanced metal
    • The SorcerersThe Final Retreat (High Roller Records) – Intense metal
    • Witchworm / Brutal Ritual – Collaboration (Boris Records) – Darkened/death metal
    • ZombieDirect Infusion (Relapse) – Cosmic rock
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