Top 15 Rock Albums of the 2010s


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  1. To be honest, I'm not too proud of this video, both because my opinions have changed and also because I just don't think I listen to enough music to serve as an authority on such a broad topic. I probably won't be making any more music-related videos, but if anyone was curious, here's a quick update on my feelings toward these albums.

    I still like Neck Deep, but Origami Angel's Somewhere City and SWMRS's Drive North are way more unique and better deserve the title of my favorite pop punk album of the decade.

    I haven't listened to A Thousand Suns, Breathe, Lonerism, or The Spark in a while. They're definitely still good albums, just not the stuff I've been listening to on repeat.

    I'm tired of Angels and Airwaves. The instrumentals and songwriting of Love Part One are still great, but the lyrics are just too cheesy and straight-up obnoxious at times.

    I don't care what anyone says, Pierce the Veil still kicks ass. Their follow-up album Misadventures is maybe just as good as Collide. Go release some new music already!

    Now onto the albums that I would put on the list if I made it today: Thank You Scientist is indeed great, and Terraformer is probably my favorite. It's close though.

    Epicloud by Devin Townsend Project is exactly what its name suggests: the ultimate in explosive, anthemic metal music. Some people won't be into that kind of thing, but I'm a huge sucker for that kind of stuff.

    And who am I kidding – Exmilitary by Death Grips is a rock album. It would probably be number one to be honest. If you're reading this, go listen to it right now.

  2. Here are my favorite albums of the 2010s

    2010: Emotion & Commotion by Jeff Beck

    Honorable Mention: Mos Dub by Max Tannone

    2011: Rocket Science by Bela Fleck and The Flecktones–BBMSRxcZsLKPZP-Qf_HtRC44

    Honorable Mention: Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists

    2012: Everybody's Talkin' by Tedeschi Trucks Band (Not the full album but rather a track off the album because the album is not on YouTube)

    Honorable Mention: Mic Check 1234! by Max Tannone

    2013: Lickety Split by Robert Randolph and the Family Band

    Honorable Mention: Impossible Truth by William Tyler

    2014: First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate by Funkadelic

    Honorable Mention: Journeys by Timecop1983

    2015: Authentic Lemonade by Dylan Joel (Only way you can hear this album outside of Australia)

    Honorable Mention: Oahu by Jeff Peterson

    2016: Lovers EP – PART I by Timecop1983

    Honorable Mention: Brother by Daniel Duke

    2017: Foreverywhere by StevenSteven

    Honorable Mention: Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch

    2018: Blindspotting: The Collin/Miles EP

    Honorable Mention: string songs by Sami Elu

    2019: Go West By William Tyler

    Honorable Mention: The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Emile Mosseri


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