VORAATH Feat. NILE, XAEL Members Explore Their Next Sci-Fi Lore With “Amon The Judge” Music Video


Voraath, from North and South Carolina USA, options members from ex-Nile (Brad Parris), Xael (Joshua Ward), Rapheumets Well, Implosive Disgorgence, and Sweet Blood. They are an otherworldly and experimental loss of life steel band that brings collectively emotional but brutal music and science fantasy interesting to each steel fans in addition to those that admire the lore of the music.

They have their subsequent and third stand-alone single out, entitled “Amon The Judge”, and immediately they current their subsequent sci-fi lore with the music video for the observe.

Drummer and the video’s director Joshua Ward explains the observe in additional element: “We have been crafting depth to the lore of our music. Every song we write has two meanings. We have the personal meaning and then molded into the lore. We developed this planet in which 80% of the population disappears after the arrival of three extraterrestrial beings which people revere as gods. The story focuses on a group of hunters that are contracted by EOS corporation to retrieve certain artifacts. We are 100 years into the future so a lot has changed and corporations have taken over. While preparing for the next mission, the hunters of Harrow’s Gorge entrusted Edgar, a village elder, to keep the village safe by keeping the retrieved relic hidden. Betraying his oath, Edgar informed the militant Ostromek Corp of the relics’ location for status and financial gain. The soldiers of Ostromek Corp ravaged the village, murdering and plundering its resources. The song ‘Amon the Judge’ follows the hunters’ return, their trauma of loss, the brutal reprisal upon the remaining soldiers, and the final judgment of Edgar. This song explored the mental complexity of trauma and under what circumstances do good people commit vicious acts.”

Voraath started as a vessel for the quintet to proceed touring and writing. They needed to discover even additional integrating science fantasy, soundscapes, and steel. They hope that the primary three tracks tantalize audiences and depart them anticipating their debut album, which is at present within the works.

Looking to hit the stage, they promise an onslaught of theatrics, bringing the story of the music to life. Atmospheric and driving, the medley of blast beats, chugging bass, and closely distorted solos can be each intense and immersive. Voraath is really helpful for followers of Septicflesh, Cattle Decapitation, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.


Brad Parris – Vocalist, Guitarist
Joshua Nassaru Ward – Drummer/Vocals/ Keys
Tylor Kohl – Guitarist
Daniel Presnell – Guitarist, accompany devices
Paul McBride – Bassist


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