VULVODYNIA Enlists BODYSNATCHER’s Singer For Fresh Track “Adamaster”


Vulvodynia is currently streaming their latest song “Adamaster”, intensified by Kyle Medina from Bodysnatcher. The upcoming album Entabani by Vulvodynia is set for release on July 5, and includes special appearances by Damonteal Harris of PeelingFlesh and David Simonich of Signs Of The Swarm.

“Adamaster, believed to be the Titan of the Cape, a mythical being cursed by deities to protect the ocean surrounding Cape Town, South Africa,” stated Vulvodynia about their recent release. “This particular song also highlights a guest vocal appearance by Kyle Medina from Bodysnatcher, providing a powerful addition towards the end of the track.”

Delving into the album itself, the band shared: “Entabani holds significant importance for us, marking a pivotal point in our musical journey. We have fully embraced the concept of collaborative songwriting, integrating each member’s thoughts and experiences to craft what we believe is our most daring album to date. Our aim for this album was to delve into African folklore, drawing inspiration from old tales sourced from poems, literature, and oral traditions passed down from our vocalist Lwandile‘s older relatives.”

For those interested, pre-orders can be accessed here.

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