WINTERFYLLETH Presents “Dishonour Enthroned” and Unveils New Album The Imperious Horizon


Winterfylleth returns with their newest album after a span of four years, The Imperious Horizon, set for release on September 13. The latest single “Dishonour Enthroned” is currently available for streaming, accompanied by a music video directed by Killian Monson. Guitarist and backing vocalist Russell Dobson steps in as a contributing writer in place of Dan Capp, marking The Imperious Horizon as the first album to feature his writing. Additionally, the album includes a special guest vocal appearance by AA Nemtheanga from Primordial on the track “In Silent Grace”.

“The album serves as a reflection on the chaos of recent years since the previous album; a time where the world seems to have taken a turn for the worse. We can’t help but feel like we’re living in a more fractured and turbulent world than ever before!” shared Winterfylleth‘s guitarist and vocalist C. Naughton.

“The album’s title hints at an impending sense of authority or agenda on the horizon. It looms closer each day, its form uncertain, yet its inevitability unquestionable.”

The Imperious Horizon was crafted and produced once again by the renowned Chris Fielding (known for work with Primordial, Napalm Death, Conan, Electric Wizard, among others) at Foel Studios in Central Wales. Post-production and mastering were overseen by Mark Mynett (associated with My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ) at his dedicated Mynetaur Productions studio in Manchester, UK.

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