WINTERSUN Unveils Release Date & Pre-Orders for Time II


Having been patient for quite some time and following promises of a fresh album, the announcement from Wintersun is here – Time II is set to be released on August 30. If you missed out on the band’s exclusive advance orders, Nuclear Blast has now shared theirs right here in a range of formats. Personally, I’m waiting for a Time box set featuring both albums.

Time II embarks on a majestic voyage from brightness to shadow and back to brightness, delving into the cosmos and vitality, juxtaposing bleak tempestuous terrains with tranquil and breathtaking gardens adorned with misty, snow-capped peaks that will awe you,” expressed Wintersun virtuoso Jari Mäenpää.

“The album showcases tracks with intense velocity of drums, guitars, and bass as well as serene melodic slower pieces imbued with a mystical exotic element. It boasts grand orchestrations and choirs infused with ancient world instruments and twinkling synths. It features Jari’s towering, clear vocals alongside his forceful style. A meticulously layered and intricate album where each listen reveals something new.”

Wintersun initiated the recording for both Time I and Time II as far back as 2006. While Time I eventually saw daylight in 2012, Time II is finally making its debut this year. So, how surprising is the news that Time II is at last arriving? Well, Wintersun drummer Kai Hahto initially thought lead vocalist Jari Mäenpää was jesting when he shared the news.

In a recent discussion published in Chaoszine, Hahto reflected on the first moment he learned that Time II had been finalized, recounting “Just a few weeks ago, possibly Jari sent us a message in our group chat and disclosed that the record is now complete. I was initially skeptical and had to verify the date to ensure it wasn’t even April Fool’s day because it’s been around 16 years since I laid down my parts.”

Hahto later mentioned that all the drumming on Time II (at least his contributions) were from the recordings back in 2006, and that Time was not initially supposed to be divided into two albums.

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“The drum arrangements are identical to what we laid down in 2006. I recorded the drum tracks for Time I and Time II over a span of four days since initially it was meant to be named Time without a division into two parts. Later, the label decided to split it into two albums as it was slightly lengthy. The first segment came out in 2012, so it has already been over a decade since the release of that record.”


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